Ragged Point Inn 350 foot tall solid rock peninsula

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Solid rock Ragged Point Inn Peninsula, the real Ragged Point in background. Click the Ragged Point Inn photo to enlarge.

Is the big solid rock 350 foot high peninsula in this photograph Ragged Point?

This 350 foot high cliff is not as many people think "Ragged Point", the "Real Ragged Point", a rocky maritime hazard is about a mile south and can be partially seen in the background of this photo. This beautiful solid rock is the location of the premier Big Sur Coast all inclusive cliff top ocean view resort the Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort ( raggedpoint.us: Ragged Point Inn and Resort, Big Sur Coast Cliff Top Ocean View Resort ) and the celebrated Big Sur coast cliff top romantic luxury hotel, the Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort Hotel ( Ragged Point Inn Hotel, romantic Big Sur Coast ocean view hotel )and renowned Ragged Point Ocean View Restaurant ( Ragged Point Inn Restaurant, all glass Big Sur Pacific Coast ocean view restaurant ).

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